Friday, December 5, 2008

Here is a clock that I hand carved for the movie "The Bicentennial Man"

Pleasant Hill, quiet community of the Diablo valley, doesn't have anything glamourious like Hollywood, just is the location of my modest studio. Nevertheless some wood clocks for the movie, staring Robin Willams, the Bicentennial Man, were born here. After many drawings and real scale clay models, I had to move and execute my work in the San Raphael area.
What a thrill to use my art in the movie industry, tune Heart with Art with the challenge of everybody's different personality. Thank you to the entire staff and a special attention to Ann and Isaac, who gave me all the support and opportunity to realize this hand carving project all the way to the end.


Christian said...


i was looking for this clock for a long time. When i saw the film for the first time i was fascinated by this piec of art. I wanted to copy it but i never had the energy and time to bring it to an end. I am still carving the wood...

Could you pleas send me a photo? You would do me a great favor.

Greatings from europe

Christian Rajek

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